Vanilla Shore

Bohemian Bliss Black Agate Ring


Handmade, glossy Black Onyx teardrop shape with ornate 925 Sterling Silver. A perfectly polished gemstone with a mirror like surface generously con vexed, set in Hallmarked 925 silver, the shape of the top is accentuated by a silver rope and hand soldered, shiny silver circles that create a gorgeous flange. Traditional shape and a masterpiece of diligent silversmith work.

Black Agate is said to be a grounding and protective crystal. It may provide a calming peace that can be helpful during periods of bereavement. Black Agate is said to give inner strength to move on and can be helpful in keeping the peace in stressful times.

Dimensions: WxHxD 24x29x28mm
Materials: Black Onyx and .925 Sterling Silver

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