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Hammered Bronze and Amethyst Ring

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Hammered bronze ring with graduated band and oval amethysts. The band graduates from 8mm - 13.5mm. The two sideways oval amethysts measure 4mm x 6mm, and the center amethyst is 6.2mm x 8mm.

Amethyst is believed to be helpful to transmute negative energy and is often used for meditation and for people looking to open up their own spiritual intuitions. It may enhance the dream state, making dreams lucid and vivid when it's owner wears or places amethyst under their pillow at night. It is a very popular healing stone and useful for those seeking inner strength.

All properties attributed to the gemstones sold by Vanilla Shore are based on ancient folklore and traditions.  The products and information found on this website are NOT intended to diagnose, treat or  prevent any disease, nor replace professional medical advice.

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