Charged Jewellery

Charged Tiger's Eye Bracelet


Charge Your Mind

Tiger's Eye is said to be a stone that stabilizes and grounds the wearer. It may enhance integrity, willpower, self-confidence, practicality, and balance. Tiger's Eye is also said to help its’ wearer think clearly and honestly, opening the third eye and providing peace and confidence in all decisions.

    • 1 USD from this bracelet will go to The Charged Fund
    • 18k gold or antique silver plated plus and minus balance beads
    • genuine tiger's eye semi-precious stones
    • available in 2 sizes: Small/Medium (6") and Medium/Large (7")
    • designed in Los Angeles, CA
    • charged in Sedona, Arizona, USA

All of our Charged Jewellery pieces make the pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona in America and are charged in the middle of a high-energy vortex. The earth is exceptionally alive with energy, and our hope is that each wearer can acknowledge that throughout each negative in life, there is always a positive circling close behind.

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